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Iman Habboucheh

The library Team would like to WELCOME everyone back to school and to the most wonderful place in our school, our library.

Just a reminder, that ALL students require a library bag to borrow a book/s from our library.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians to please return any school library books back to school. We have discovered that there are still quite a number of books that have yet to be returned since 2021. We do understand that circumstances have interfered with our routine But, if you do come across one of our resources, we would be grateful for its return.

Please note that a library book is more than just a book… it’s something to hold, something to share, something to show, something to look at and something that your child has chosen. So please do not be surprised or disappointed in the book that your child has brought home. Please embrace their choice and ask them why they chose that book instead.

We thank-you for your support and understanding.

Plus, now for something extra to look forward to, Insha’Allah.

Scholastic Book Club will soon be coming to our School.

Wow…. How exciting!

Scholastic Book Clubs provides parents, guardians and children the opportunity to browse and look through the catalogue and make choices without any pressure.

Soon your child will come home with a Scholastic Book Club Catalogue. You do not need to purchase anything. You are welcome to just have a look to see what they have.

Please be mindful and aware that we will NOT be accepting any cash payments. Instead, there is a WONDERFUL NEW and EASY way to make payments on your own. It is called LOOP (Linked Online Ordering Platform) please see the following articles to assist you.

We hope for your support as any credits received through Book Club, goes directly back into our school, with more books for your child to see, read and borrow.

We look forward to be your library team

Kindest regards
Ms Rawia El-Mallah & Ms Iman Habboucheh

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