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Year 4

Tina Rotundo

Ms Tina - Year 4

To all the Year 4 students and parents, welcome back to what will hopefully be a far more settled year than the last two have been. As the team leader for Year 4’s, I look forward to working in conjunction with my team to produce an exciting, enriching and highly motivating curriculum, A curriculum driven by both the Australian curriculum and Primary years Program (PYP). With a positive mindset let’s all endeavour to work together to get the best out of our amazing and highly capable students.

Ms Stacey

Welcome to a new school year. My name is Ms Stacey and I teach 4A; I am very excited to be starting a new learning journey with my new students. I am looking forward to 2022 being a much more settled year and that we can start doing ‘normal’ things like excursions, swimming and the school play.

Ms Nadia

Welcome back to a new academic year. May it find us all in the best of health and faith. I am Ms Nadia, the 4C classroom teacher and I am looking forward to a more stable and exciting year with you all. Along with a great team, I will endeavour to fulfil the trust of your children with their academic progress, wellbeing and overall growth throughout the year. I also hope we have the pleasure of meeting face to face and take part in all the activities throughout the year.

Ms Iman

Welcome Back to a new school year. My name is Ms Iman and I teach 4D. I am very excited to have the opportunity to 4D and start an exciting new learning journey together. I am looking forward to meeting you all and taking part in all the exciting activities planned for this year.