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28 February 2022

Message from Mr Kenan Erdal

Mr Kenan Erdal
Head of Campus

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have successfully commenced the new school year by welcoming all staff and students to the AIAE King Khalid Coburg Campus. Preps commenced their schooling one day before other students and all other year levels commenced their studies on Wednesday, 2 February 2022. I would like to welcome, once again, new students and parents to the AIAE community. I hope your journey of learning and development will be successful and enjoyable.

In year level assemblies and classes, we (myself, Deputies, Team Leaders and teachers) have explained to students about our standards and expectations from our students. It is made clear to all that proper conduct, respect, continuous learning and striving to be better skilled and knowledgeable is very important to all concerned. We expect and demand that all students will follow our high standards and expectations.

Student development at the highest level is not possible without high standards and expectations from our staff. We have asked our staff to create a learning environment where all students are able to achieve high levels of skills and knowledge. To achieve this teachers and support staff came back from their summer break and finalised their curriculum material and were prepared and keen to make a positive impact on their students’ learning and overall school experience.

We will within the constraints and restrictions due to Covid-19 will continue to regularly inform students regarding Islam and Academic matters, and general news about what is happening within the school community. In our small group assemblies, classes and in the mosque, we will reinforce proper conduct, Islamic values and what students need to do to achieve Islamic and Academic excellence throughout the year.

In classes, teachers will teach, assess and collect information on each student throughout the term. They will report to you on your child’s progress at the end of this term. A more comprehensive mid-year report will be provided at the end of Term 2.

We believe that each child’s progress is dependent upon teachers, parents, resources at home and at school also shared values, high standards and expectations. We regularly communicate with parents to inform you about our expectations, policies and values so that we work together to advance our students and your children. We started with information on Compass and with this first newsletter for this year. We also held two separate parent information sessions on 7 February for Year Prep to Year 2 parents and on 10 February for Year 3 to Year 5 parents. During the 1.5 hour sessions parents were provided with information regarding the school’s Curriculum, student safety and support systems, Arabic language and Islamic Studies. Parents also met via zoom with their child’s teachers to be informed about year level specific information. I would like to thank all those parents for attending and to staff for assisting and informing our parents.

Throughout the year we will continue to inform you so that you as a parent is a significant contributor in the progress of your child.

Your child’s Form teacher/Classroom is the first teacher to contact should any concerns arise with your child’s education.

We highly recommend that all appointments made by you to meet with any teacher should be outside of the scheduled teaching time. Please contact the office and they will guide you.


Office Manager & Assistants at the Main Office - Phone 93540833
Form/Classroom Teacher of your child,

After the above process:

Prep – Year 2 Student Management – Ms Rabia Jones
Year 3 – 5 Student Management – Mr Hassan Ellahibi
School Nurse – Ms Deniz Yilmaz
Student Counselling & Welfare – Ms Pinar Sahin

There are many other staff involved in the support and education of students. Please discuss the matter with the office so that they can direct you to the relevant staff member.


8.25 - 8.35 am: Recommended time of arrival for students.
8.40 am: Morning form assembly and classes start.
3.20 pm: Final bell (Students are dismissed from 3.00-3.20 pm due to health & safety reasons)

Students are supervised by staff during recess, lunchtime, before school from 8.15 am until assembly. Students must be collected within 15 minutes after the dismissal time.

Please do not bring your child before 8.15am.

K. Erdal
Head of Campus


The Australian International Academy of Education declares and affirms that school programmes and leading practices embrace the following important principles:

1. The promotion of peace, harmony and understanding through intercultural interactions.

2. All Australians have equal rights before the law. We reject any form(s) of discrimination based on race, religion or gender.

3. The rule of law and respect for the rights of others.

4. The values of fairness, openness, sharing and giving a hand, looking after neighbours, tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

5. People are free to choose and practice their religions. But we reject those who preach violence and hatred in the name of any religion.

6. The right of individuals to enjoy freedom of speech, expression and association. But we reject verbal and written abuses and transgressions against others under the cover of freedom of speech and expression.

7. The Australian system of democratically elected governments and councils is the best that serves the interest of all Australians.

Message from Mr Hassan Ellahibi

Mr Hassan Ellahibi

Dear parents,

As certain restrictions ease we are surveying parents to see if there is a need for an after school care program. For an expression of interest please contact the school office with your details.

We are also seeking a carer to run this program for approximately 2 hours per day after school. This is a paid position and applicants interviewed must have a working with children card. For further information or interest please contact the school office on 9354 0833.

Student Support Services

Ms Yurdagul Talic
Literacy & Diverse Learning Needs coordinator.

Dear parents and caregivers,

As part of the support we provide for our students with diverse learning needs, some parents were asked to have their child undergo specific diagnostic assessments.

These assessments are paramount to student’s learning needs at school. They provide teachers with an informative profile of student’s strengths and weaknesses and assist them in developing Individual Education Plans which inform their teaching.

Therefore, please ensure that any type of an assessment report is forwarded to the school as soon as possible.

Ms Yurdagul Talic
Literacy & Diverse Learning Needs coordinator.


Evette Armstrong
Prep teacher

AIA would like to extend a big hello and welcome to our 2022 Prep students and their families! Our four magnificent Prep teachers have been super excited to welcome the new cohort of Prep students this year.

We are so proud of how well the students have settled and adapted to their new routines. The Prep students have all been energetically participating in various interactive and engaging activities to help settle into their new environment.

The activities that are planned are designed to encourage students to become independent, display self-confidence as well as, make positive relationships inside and outside of the classroom.

The first few weeks of school have been very busy. Students have been enjoying listening to books and have already begun to read along when listening to books that have a repetitive pattern.

As you walk past the Prep classrooms the sound of learning and laughter can be heard. The Prep teachers are already so proud of how well the students have integrated into school life and the AIA community.

We are predicting a very successful year ahead for our Preps!

Year 1

Amanda Dessmann

The Year 1 students entered their classrooms with much enthusiasm and excitement this year. We had minimal tears and fuss as they came with huge smiles on their faces. The children are starting to settle into routine and build relationships with their classmates and teachers. It's great to see them all engaging in their learning and having fun. We hope the year ahead continues with smiles, laughter and lots of learning.

Marvellous Me Incursion

Today the grade 1 students were so engaged in their first Incursion for the year. They welcomed with many smiles and laughs, the gang from Marvellous Me. The children learnt about being inclusive and accepting of each other and themselves and that being different is OK! Many children made connections with the show and shared their experiences willingly. It was so much fun for them and for us teachers to watch them engage and laugh so much.

Year 2

Rebecca Skehan
Year 2 Coordinator

This week, the Year 2 students took part in their ‘Who We Are’ provocation. They were placed into groups, and had to wear something a little bit different. Some students wore their art smocks all day, some wore their hats inside, some wore their clothes backwards, and others even had stickers all over their faces! Some students loved the day, while others didn’t like being different from their friends. It was a great way to start our unit of inquiry where we will be learning about families, communities and nations.

Rebecca Skehan
Year 2 Coordinator

Year 3

Hilary Phelan

Year 3’s Inquiry Into ‘Who We Are’ – ‘Me & Self-Sufficiency’

Overcoming Challenges

In circle time, we discussed the different categories of challenges that people can face. Students brainstormed their own ideas for each category using their boards and markers. Their ideas were scribed down on cards.

We decided that this would make a good interactive game resource that could be used in class, independently, by students. See the photo of Mohammad Awad holding a card with some of our ideas.

We followed this activity by reading a biography about Helen Keller – an amazing woman who overcame many challenges in her life!

It was a great circle time activity and we all enjoyed it.

Ms Hilary & 3D

Year 4

Tina Rotundo

Ms Tina - Year 4

To all the Year 4 students and parents, welcome back to what will hopefully be a far more settled year than the last two have been. As the team leader for Year 4’s, I look forward to working in conjunction with my team to produce an exciting, enriching and highly motivating curriculum, A curriculum driven by both the Australian curriculum and Primary years Program (PYP). With a positive mindset let’s all endeavour to work together to get the best out of our amazing and highly capable students.

Ms Stacey

Welcome to a new school year. My name is Ms Stacey and I teach 4A; I am very excited to be starting a new learning journey with my new students. I am looking forward to 2022 being a much more settled year and that we can start doing ‘normal’ things like excursions, swimming and the school play.

Ms Nadia

Welcome back to a new academic year. May it find us all in the best of health and faith. I am Ms Nadia, the 4C classroom teacher and I am looking forward to a more stable and exciting year with you all. Along with a great team, I will endeavour to fulfil the trust of your children with their academic progress, wellbeing and overall growth throughout the year. I also hope we have the pleasure of meeting face to face and take part in all the activities throughout the year.

Ms Iman

Welcome Back to a new school year. My name is Ms Iman and I teach 4D. I am very excited to have the opportunity to 4D and start an exciting new learning journey together. I am looking forward to meeting you all and taking part in all the exciting activities planned for this year.

Year 5 Camp

Clair Sheehan
Year 5 Coordinator

This Term the Year 5's attended Allambee Camp. The students engaged in a variety of activities ranging from; archery, bush walking, giant swing, initiative course, the vertical challenge and flying fox.

These activities required all students to build confidence, display teamwork, conquer their fears as well as show persistence and resilience.

The camp program is an integral part of our school curriculum and experience. The students all were enthusiastic and ‘stepped out of their comfort zones.’ They were able to experience new and exciting things, face different challenges and gain independence.

Camp Student Recounts

Khalid Ahmed

Khalid Ahmed

On the Monday it was my first time at camp. We went to the bus and we went on a one hour and 45-minute drive and when we arrived we had a tour then we had lunch. After that we had two activities including the giant swing (which was so scary) and the initiative course which is all about working together as a team. We had a 3 kilometer walk that night, then we prayed and went to bed.

On the second day we had 7 meals! We did archery, flying fox, vertical challenge and the low ropes. On the third day we prayed then had breakfast. The last activity was the race around the World. Then we had lunch with the girls and left.

I had the best time at camp!

Emel Eres

Emel Eres

Last Wednesday, the day we were going to camp, I was so nervous and excited all at once. When we finally arrived, we did so many activities.

The next day (Thursday) in the morning, we had breakfast and did more activities. I had so much fun, and to think I was not going to go on camp?!!

I was so scared of the swing! We had lunch and that evening we watched a movie.

The next day (Friday) we had breakfast, did activities and then had lunch and did one more activity which was the beads of achievement, I was so proud of myself!!

We jumped on the bus headed home, it took two hours to come back to school. Then I saw my Mum and brother and sister, got my bag and went home.

andrew dillon Clair Sheehan

Mr Andrew Dillon
Health & Physical Education/Sports Coordinator

Clair Sheehan
Year 5 Coordinator

Visual Arts

Miss Emily Keam
Arts Coordinator

Welcome back to Visual Arts at AIA!

We are so excited to get back into the art room in 2022 and have started the year exploring the rules and expectations of the art room and how to responsibly and independently use the space across all year levels. From here, all students will be moving straight into an exciting artmaking unit, focused on teaching them artmaking skills, as well as providing historical and cultural understandings of art and its purpose.

This term, the Year 2 students will be focusing on exploring the wonderful and rich history of Indigeous Australian artwork, specifically focusing on the art of the Wurundjeri people, whose land the school resides on. The Wurundjeri people used lots of symbols in their artwork, and used these to tell stories of their people and history. Our Year 2s have been exploring the art of the Wurundjeri people and using it as inspiration for creating their own symbols and telling their own stories.

Additionally, students have been thinking about how art and music makes them feel, listening to songs from First Nations Australian musicians and creating a visual response using only lines, colours, shapes and even some of the symbols we have explored. This asks students to reflect on the relationship between the elements of art, and the connection to emotion and our experiences of things like art and music.

We are looking forward to continuing investigating the art of the Wurundjeri people and other First Nations Australian people, and learning new skills along the way.

Miss Emily Keam
Arts Coordinator

Performing Arts

Jodi Bilsborow
Performing Arts Coordinator
“The object of the Arts is to give life shape” William Shakespeare.

Welcome to 2022 Performing Arts. I am excited to venture into a new year of creativity and expression. All classes have commenced with enthusiasm, confidence, and lots of laughter. This term, students will engage in various activities that encourage listening skills, cooperation, focus, spatial awareness and to build positive relationships in the classroom. Preps, Two’s, and Four’s will be involved in the production. “The Adventures of Neverland”. At this stage it is uncertain whether we perform on stage or create the performance digitally due to COVID. Last year we filmed it and it turned out to be quite successful.

Preps- Began their first week playing musical statues and playing instruments to build confidence, spatial awareness, and rhythmic skills. As the term progresses will begin to learn choreography for the production. The theme “The Land of Animals and Mythical Creatures”.

Year ones- Will further develop their rhythmic skills and spatial awareness through music and drama activities and as the term progresses begin to explore Musicals.

Year Twos – Will explore Indigenous storytelling and music though an array of cultures such as Indigenous Australia, Native American Indian, Polynesia and Africa which will be integrated into the production. The theme “Dreamtime stories”.

Year Threes – Have commenced the year developing their acting skills through improvisation and mime activities. As the year progresses will explore mime in more detail and Shadow Puppetry which is a popular theatrical art form in Asia.

Year Fours- Are currently working on their acting skills and are preparing to audition for the main character roles for the production. As the year progresses will develop their production items in collaboration with the Arabic team. The theme based on Ancient Civilizations.

Year Fives – Are developing the acting skills but will primarily focus their acting skills for the screen or camera instead of the stage. This term they will make media reports. Term 2 a TV show, Term 3 Radio plays. Therefore, integrating technology. This will take much planning and collaboration.

Looking forward to the year ahead with much enthusiasm and passion.

Warmest Regards.

Jodi Bilsborow
Performing Arts Coordinator


Ms Sarah Elnemar
PYP Coordinator

Dear Parents,

At the Australian International Academy, our vision is:

To have graduates who are well prepared and self-motivated to advance Australia and to participate effectively as world citizens with Muslim values.

As a PYP school, we encourage students to demonstrate agency in their learning to achieve their full potential. In doing so, we consider students’ voice and choice when planning and teaching learning experiences with the understanding that pupils are more motivated and strive to reach their potential when they are interested in their learning.

We foster a culture of agency by listening to students’ ideas and consider their perspectives, encourage inquiry and creativity, while also collaborating to develop individual learning goals.

You can continue the culture of agency at home, by encouraging your child to act on their learning by participating in something that will benefit themselves, their family or others in the community. So, when your child comes home sharing something they’ve learnt at school, ask them to reflect on their learning and how they can take action.

PYP Coordinator
Ms Sarah Elnemar


Ms Julie Grima
Mathematics Coordinator

Our Mathematics program focuses on the areas of:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

At AIA we encourage students to view mathematics as a way of understanding the world around us. We move beyond process driven activities and provide rich, open-ended experiences for students to solve authentic, real-world problems using numbers. Students develop habits that enable them to be risk takers, open-minded and persist through mathematical challenges. Each student is supported at their individual level of need and provided with opportunities to create goals that direct their learning.

Often, teachers are asked by parents what they can do to support their child’s learning at school and how they can inspire their child’s natural curiosity and wonder in mathematics at home. The start of the year seems like an appropriate time to reinforce that it is significant that all students appreciate the beauty and perfection of mathematics along with being proficient with the many techniques and algorithms. I would like to share the following tips for parents:

  1. Encourage children to play maths puzzles and games. These activities help their child enjoy mathematical thinking which is critically important.
  2. Reward correct logic when helping children with maths rather than just correct answers. There are many ways to solve a problem, and creativity of thought is the first step to accuracy.
  3. Speed drills in maths can lead to anxiety, especially in younger students. It is important to work carefully and deeply rather than just speedily.
  4. Parents should avoid sharing with their child that maths was a struggle at school for them, as this can perpetuate the sense of failure associated with maths.
  5. Encourage them to develop number sense by combining and separating numbers with flexibility. For example, to add 29 and 56, it is easier to work by adding 1 to 29 making the sum 30 + 55.
  6. Explore practical use of mathematical concepts in real life situations: for example, use of percentage in price tags, use of decimals in money and use of weight in different products available in the market.
  7. Last but not the least, encourage a growth mindset. Our children should know that everyone can do maths in primary school. When a student believes in themselves, the brain thinks more efficiently. Struggling with a problem does not mean that you cannot do maths. Rather, mistakes make one’s brain grow and struggle is good for us!

Ms Julie Grima
Mathematics Coordinator

Advanced Quran Memorisation Program

Fathima Siddeeka Wazeer

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa bakatuh

The Advanced Quran Memorisation classes is running for the fourth year now by the grace of Allah swt. This program started off with a small group of students keen to advance in their memorization of the Quran and improve their tajweed skills.

Through this program, students have completed many surahs and juz’ through sheer hard work and determination and of course the help of Allah swt. Some students have taken part in the school’s scholarship program and have received either half or full scholarships.

Students are chosen based on their level of memorization and ability to read fluently from the mus’haf. The Quran teachers at school recommend students for the program and then they are selected after some testing.

The aim of this program is to help students achieve their goal in becoming hufadh of the Quran. They work hard in memorising their surahs using proper tajweed. Students are expected to show commitment and responsibility by attending classes on time and completing their lessons for the week.

We have four sessions running before and after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Alhamdulillah we have had an overwhelming response to the program. This shows the enthusiasm and interest students have in reading and memorising the Book of Allah alongside their other academic interests.

May Allah swt guide them, grant them success and ease the journey of hifdh for these students. Ameen

Ms Fathima, Ms Habiba, Ms Dallia and Ms Lina


Iman Habboucheh

The library Team would like to WELCOME everyone back to school and to the most wonderful place in our school, our library.

Just a reminder, that ALL students require a library bag to borrow a book/s from our library.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians to please return any school library books back to school. We have discovered that there are still quite a number of books that have yet to be returned since 2021. We do understand that circumstances have interfered with our routine But, if you do come across one of our resources, we would be grateful for its return.

Please note that a library book is more than just a book… it’s something to hold, something to share, something to show, something to look at and something that your child has chosen. So please do not be surprised or disappointed in the book that your child has brought home. Please embrace their choice and ask them why they chose that book instead.

We thank-you for your support and understanding.

Plus, now for something extra to look forward to, Insha’Allah.

Scholastic Book Club will soon be coming to our School.

Wow…. How exciting!

Scholastic Book Clubs provides parents, guardians and children the opportunity to browse and look through the catalogue and make choices without any pressure.

Soon your child will come home with a Scholastic Book Club Catalogue. You do not need to purchase anything. You are welcome to just have a look to see what they have.

Please be mindful and aware that we will NOT be accepting any cash payments. Instead, there is a WONDERFUL NEW and EASY way to make payments on your own. It is called LOOP (Linked Online Ordering Platform) please see the following articles to assist you.

We hope for your support as any credits received through Book Club, goes directly back into our school, with more books for your child to see, read and borrow.

We look forward to be your library team

Kindest regards
Ms Rawia El-Mallah & Ms Iman Habboucheh

book clubs
book club loop

Buzzy Bee Writing Club

Iman Habboucheh
buzzy bee

Welcome all Buzzy Bee Writing Club members.

Just to remind you that you will be receiving your first brochure before the end of this Term Insha’Allah.

This brochure is for you to keep, along with a small gift to get you started.

Please complete your writing task over the School Holiday Period (not during the school term)

This is to allow you to enjoy the process of writing without the stress of having to complete it quickly.

You may be as creative as you like.

We will be looking forward to seeing and reading your submissions.

From your Buzzy Bee Writing Club Coordinator
Ms Iman Habboucheh

Harmony Day

harmony day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our school will be participating in this year’s Harmony Day activities.

The theme for this year’s Harmony Day is ‘Celebrating Harmony'

Part of this activity allows us to show our participation by wearing the Colour Orange to School on this day or wearing a national costume of whichever country you would like to choose to represent.

Orange is the official Harmony Day colour and many people wear orange clothes or ribbons. Harmony Day aims to encourage Australians to: take a stand against racism, prejudice and intolerance.

The options are yours to choose, either to wear orange or a national costume on Monday 21st March.

School Nurse

Deniz Yilmaz
School Nurse

Dear parents and guardians,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Deniz and I am the new school nurse.

Just a kind reminder, if you your child has Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Allergies or Epilepsy you will need to provide an Action Care Plan from your GP, if you have not done so already.

Also, if your child needs any medications to be administered during school, you will need to sign a consent form and provide the medication in order for me to administer it.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s health, please do not hesitate to contact me or come in and see me.

Thank you, I look forward to meeting you

Deniz Yilmaz
School Nurse

Lost Property

Lobna El-Saafin
lost property

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

Welcome back to all students and parents. This is just a reminder to all parents to keep labelling their kid’s school uniform and other items such as water bottles and lunch boxes so the school can return the lost items back to the students.

I also wanted to notify you that the school has some second-hand uniform items donated to us by parents of students who have left and we are selling them for a discounted price in case you are interested.

You can ask for Lobna when you drop your child in the morning so I can take you to find what you are interested in buying OR by calling me on (03) 9354 0833 to check the items you want so I can organize them and pass them to you when I am on my yard duty near the Ross Street Gate after school.

Thank you
Lobna El-Saafin

Important Dates to Remember

Curriculum Day (No students at school)

11th March

Labour Day Public Holiday

14th March

Harmony Day

21st March

Ramadan Timetable becomes Effective

4th April

Last Day of Term 1 for students

7th April

KKCC Parent- Teacher- Student Conference

8th April