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Academy Counsellor

Assalamualaykum Parents, Guardians & Students,

Welcome to 2022! As always, we begin with Bismillah and pray for a blessed year ahead InshAllah.

This month, students from year 11 assisted in creating a wellbeing corner in front of the counselling office. This activity contributed towards their Service in Action hours and serves to promote healthy wellbeing in our school community. This space is aimed to increase student awareness of domains of their wellbeing that may contribute to positive learning experiences. The command displayed “Take what you need” and “give what you can” encourages students to be active participants in promoting a healthy mindset in their own wellbeing needs and considering the needs of others. All students are encouraged to place meaningful quotes inside the pockets labelled: faith, hope, motivation, confidence, love, connection, and joy.


Ms Tugba Buday –
Wellbeing Coordinator, School Psychologist