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Girls Adventure Club

Members of the Girls Adventure Club had a blast in the home economics room as they made delicious ice cream.

When it comes to communication most parents strive for finding the best way to communicate with their children to support them and guide them in living their best lives. But what happens when our kids don’t respond to our communication style? Did you know that there are different communication styles? Is there a way we can enhance this? The short answer is yes!

As individuals we know that we prefer a certain type of communication. The way someone approaches us when communicating will either pull us towards them or drive us further away. This presentation will focus on identifying your preferred communication styles, what motivates you and your strengths when it comes to communication. We will be exploring the EDISC behaviour Quadrant to understand your communication style better. This knowledge will support you in finding ways to communicate with your child that insha’Allah your child will respond to.

About our presenter:

Fatima Raad has always been at the forefront for the promotion of health and well-being She has over 18 years of experience and expertise in working in the field of public health in Australia as a Nurse, Midwife, and a Maternal and Child Health Nurse (MCHN). She is currently working with local council as a MCHN, where she can support and develop healthy family relationships at the grassroots level. She is also the chief life coach of her business (Fatima Raad- Mindset Strategist) where she works with women who are wanting to overcome self-limiting beliefs, breakthrough from tribal cycles and live their best lives; which serves to further enhance their parenting if they are mothers. Furthermore, she is collaborating with state and private schools across Victoria to promote the best outcomes for students' learning and emotional well-being.

Ms Manar Eltchelebi
Leader of Girls Adventure Club