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Head of Middle School

Asalaamu alaikum Parents and Guardians.

I hope you in the best state of health and the beginning of the school year has been fruitful.

Year eight and nine are very important years to establish habits that will excel students in their final years at AIA and beyond. Concentration and attention are still developing in year eight and nine. Research shows that studying in 20-30-minute intervals, with short meaningful breaks, have the best results for student outcomes. Organisation, goal setting and time management are also very important in developing healthy practices that are necessary for success. Fostering a strong identity, confidence and leadership skills also contribute building resilient character.

AIA has improved the environment of the classroom by purchasing new padded chairs, tables, carpet in the corridor and classrooms, painted walls and new blinds. The school is making an active commitment to improving the infrastructure of the school in line with the 4th goal of: Providing for a sustainable future environment.

I would like to address the importance of logging on to compass to find out the latest information about the students’ progress. Staff at AIA are instructed to use the compass interface and the first point of contact with parents and guardians about any concerns. On compass, staff communicate important issues such as attendance, discipline, any changes to the school program, bulletins, behaviour, work submission and academic grades. It is a very important tool to help develop our shared important asset, the student. Please download the compass application and If there are any issues, contact the school for help.

A recent government announcement will endeavor keep schools open at all costs. This is welcome news after two years of remote learning. We understand that the social development of students may be hindered and AIA will continue to employ restorative practices. Behaviour of students is taken very seriously at AIA and any forms of racist or violent behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Cyberbullying is also a very concerning issue and it is very important to educate the students about appropriate interactions with others. Please have conversations with the student about safe practices online and suggest appropriate coping strategies. AIA has a network of services and personal who can be contacted if you have any concerns with bullying or child safety.

Please familiarize yourself with school policies as they will be implemented stringently. We would love for you to be part of the positive culture change at AIA. However, a positive change cannot be achieved without parental support or feedback to improve.

I appreciate all the support and emails I have received and encourage more parents to get involved in school improvement processes. I look forward to a productive year of positive habitual changes. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or the coordinator if you have any concerns or issues.

Asalaamu alaikum,
Mr Moustafa Elakkoumi
Head of Middle School