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Important Reminders:

Uniform policy – Please ensure that your child attends school in the correct school uniform and appropriate hair style. Make up and nail polish is not permitted.

Mobile Phone - Mobile Phone should be locked away in the lockers or bags during school hours. Students are not permitted to make or receive calls, messages of other communication on smartphone during school hours.

Lockers: Many students don’t have locks on their lockers, locks can be bought from the student’s office, and MUST ALWAYS be locked using AIA combination locks to protect their personal belonging.

RAT testing – Stay safe; please get tested twice a week.

  • Any student who is a confirmed COVID-19 case must follow Department of Health directions, including isolation arrangements.
  • Any student who receives notification from the Department of Health that they are a primary close contact of a confirmed case must immediately isolate.

Ms Fadia Eldebs
Year 10 Coordinator