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Library Update

We have had a wonderful start to 2022 and are very happy to be back as a whole school community. The library team have just finished the library orientation sessions with the Year 6 students. It was excellent to meet them, introduce them to all of our resources and support them to feel “at home” in the library.

We have also been running referencing sessions with the Year 7 Individuals and Societies students to support them in their research on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have been working with them to create their bibliographies for their learning task. We believe that teaching students about maintaining Academic Integrity in their work is very important. To support students in achieving this, MSC has moved to the APA7 (American Psychological Association, Version 7) style of referencing will be embedded in the curriculum across all subject areas. The library is running workshops with both students and staff to support this transition throughout 2022. The MSC Guide to referencing can be found on the library websites to support this initiative.

The other exciting development in the library is that we have worked with the Theory of Knowledge department to create a comprehensive website to support this wonderful program. I encourage all students to explore this website and utilise the resources that have been curated for all students in the IB Diploma Program. It has the study guides, presentations on key areas of the program, referencing guides and excellent websites to explore. This site can be access through the TOK tab on the library website.

Ms Nafisa Miller
Ms Norhayati Casey
Library and Teaching Resources