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Year 11

Assalam Alaykum,

It has been a busy start to the Academic year with a number of assemblies held to inform students of program expectations. The leap from Year 10 to 11 is a relatively big one. It is important that Year 11’s are self-motivated and mature in their approach to their studies. Moreover, we expect students to take responsibility and adopt effective study routines, working in an increasingly independent manner.

I can’t stress the importance of organization enough. The workload is manageable if a realistic study schedule is created and small achievable goals are set.

Year 11’s are proudly representing AIA in a few leadership programs, making their cohort and myself very proud of their participation and achievements.

Sidike Tatouti and Marha Salim have been invited to speak at an ISV conference titled ‘Reignite’. School Leaders and notable professionals in the education sector will attend the conference to hear from our school student representatives discuss the theme ‘thriving in an uncertain world’. Sid and Marha have had multiple meetings with ISV officials to prepare for the significant event, to be held on March 9th.

On Wednesday 23 February the IB Visual arts students attended the IB Exhibition at Glen Eira Gallery to view the high calibre of student work on exhibit. Students gained an insight to the diverse approaches to a final year portfolio. The excursion to the gallery was designed to motivate, inspire and set a standard for students to aspire to achieve.