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Year 8

Welcome students and parents to the year 2022. This year holds within it the promise of being the first continuous year of face-to-face education since 2019 and thus we can assume to deliver the full plans of the year 8 curriculum and experiences.

The year 8 year is vital in the progression of students. This is potentially the year that biologically students develop most. When welcoming the students at year 8, I know that these will not be the same students whom I will farewell at the end of the year. The biological changes come with many psychological impacts, and as professional teachers and staff we account for this in our dealings with the students, progressively opening room for opinion-based dialogue with students as they begin transitioning to adulthood.

Year 8 is the beginning of this transition, and so we generally hear many people complain about the behavioral effects of hormones that kick into gear at these ages. As a year 8 team we aim at affirming previously learned morals such as respect and responsibility, however we begin to evolve it more into its mature forms. We aim to motivate the students this year to take steps to become more self-motivated in their approach to studies, to learn to take ownership of their actions, and to learn the foundations of decision making.

One the big themes for this year that I will be explicit in, is organization. Whether it be organizing workspace, time, or goals. It can be debated heavily that success in schooling owes more to organization than to intelligence.

The year 8 students have begun this year with entering the revamped area consisting of new lockers, new carpets, new chairs, and tables. The workspace whether at school or at home affects heavily the psychology of the student, and here we are working to optimize these small things to complete a piece of the bigger picture. There will be numerous activities, excursions and presentations planned for the year 8 cohort of 2022, and we will work diligently to make it the best year for all.