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Year 9

As we begin a new year at AIA we look to the future year and the multiplicity of learning opportunities it will afford, with a strong sense of eagerness and anticipation. Inshallah this year will bring advancement and success to each individual and the year level as a collective, in all its many forms. It is an abundant truth that there is a pervasive sense of collective relief at returning to permanent face to face learning with a significantly reduced incursion into the learning experience with the advent of the new ‘COVID Normal’ of 2022. A reality which will afford all the stakeholders of the Academy the chance to have a positive and stimulating academic year in our learning community. For my part as Year 9 Co-ordinator I relish the opportunity to support this with my passion and experience in the education of secondary school students at the Academy. To that end I wish everyone at AIA but particularly the Year 9 cohort a warm welcome to the 2022 academic year.

Mr Gerald Walkey
Year 9 Coordinator