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28 February 2022

Affirmation of Democratic Principles and Practices

Ms Gafiah Dickinson
Executive Principal

The Australian International Academy of Education declares and affirms that school programmes and leading practices embrace the following important principles:

  1. The promotion of peace, harmony and understanding through intercultural interactions.
  2. All Australians have equal rights before the law. We reject any form(s) of discrimination based on race, religion or gender.
  3. The rule of law and respect for the rights of others.
  4. The values of fairness, openness, sharing and giving a hand, looking after neighbours, tolerance, understanding and acceptance.
  5. People are free to choose and practice their religions. But we reject those who preach violence and hatred in the name of any religion.
  6. The right of individuals to enjoy the freedom of speech, expression and association. But we reject verbal and written abuses and transgressions against others under the cover of freedom of speech and expression.
  7. The Australian system of democratically elected governments and councils is the best that serves the interest of all Australians.

Ms Gafiah Dickinson
Executive Principal

Head of Campus

Ms. Michelle Shears
Head of Campus (MSC)
Welcome back to our students and parents and a very warm welcome to our new families who are joining us for the first time in 2022 including the year 6 students. We look forward to building strong and effective partnerships to support student learning and development. I am sure we will get to know you all very soon as we get off to a good start to 2022.

As we begin this New Year, I am confident that the education and opportunities offered to our students will enable them to be well prepared and self-motivated to advance Australia and to participate effectively as World citizens with Muslim Values. Our quality education will allow students to reach their full potential.

Overall, it has been an exciting start to term one with our students back to face to face learning. Our first edition newsletter encapsulates many highlights, particularly in terms of student achievement, student’s leadership and student engagement and wellbeing


There have been some exceptional achievements to start this year and I would like to draw your attention to the following results by our 2021 cohort. It is with great pride that we are celebrating the efforts and outstanding achievements of our 2021 cohort. Our school community can proudly congratulate Susan Hamad and Aiesha Khoder for achieving the DUX as the highest achieving students.

On behalf of the Australian International Academy, we wish all graduates and high achievers the success in their future careers.

Please meet the 2021 Higher Achievers below


COMPASS School Manager

We are encouraging all parents to utilise ‘Compass School Manager’ to facilitate regular communication with parents, students and staff. Compass School Manager gives parents access to:

  • Monitor your child’s attendance, and enter an explanation for absence or lateness
  • View your child’s timetable / schedule
  • Update your family contact details
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers
  • Book parent-teacher conferences
  • Order and pay for your child’s school photos
  • Monitor student progress
  • View student reports

We therefore strongly recommend that ALL parents activate their personal log-in details to take advantage of the facilities available through the Compass Parent Portal and keep up to date on their child’s progress and notifications from the school.

Very soon, towards the end of March we will prompt parents to book appointments through the Compass Portal for Term 1 parent, teacher and student conferences/interviews which will take place on Friday 8th April. This is a great opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss your child’s progress and improvement.


Ms Fatima Elbadri
Science, Biology and

Ms Halabia Merhi
Legal Studies and

Ms Salima Rafei
Biology and Science

Ms Leila Hassan
Language and Literature
and Individuals and Society

Mr Nicholas Amanatidis
Language and Literature
and Individuals and Society


Mr Carlo Belfiore
Business Management
and Mathematics

Ms Seyma Akdag
Science and Biology

2022 Staff Responsibilities and contacts as listed below:

Campus staff can be contacted via email: or Phone 93504533

Executive Principal: Ms. Gafiah Dickkinson
Head of Campus: Ms. Michelle Shears
Head of Lower Middle School: (Years 6-7) Ms Sirin Sezer
Head of Middle School (Years 8-9): Mr. Moustafa Elakkoumi
Head of Senior School: (Years 10-12) Ms. Nese Ozcelik



Head of IBDP Teaching & Learning


Naima Keddar

Head of VCE Teaching & Learning


Sama Al-Ashi

Head of IBMYP Teaching & Learning


Kumaravell Sepulohniam


Academy Imam


Sh. Abdel Nasser Saleh



Elizabeth Barnes

LA - Language Acquisition (French and Turkish)


Ahmed Kirca

LA - Language Acquisition (Arabic)


Fadia Eldebs

Head of AIA Sports, Health & Physical Education


Adam Nahal

Design Technologies


Mariam Assafiri

Islamic Studies


Belal Assaad

I&S - Individuals & Societies


Dan Ibrahim

LAL - Language & Literacy


Irene Kakoulis

Mathematics / Numeracy


Elvedin Corhodzic



Gokhan Yuksel

Special Education & EAL


Mujgan Gocmen



Shabih Fatima

Extended Essay


Ryan Grigg


Year 6


Shahana Sidiqui

Year 7


Sawsan Alshakshir

Year 8


Daniel Abraham

Year 9


Gerald Walkey

Year 10


Fadia Eldebs

Year 11


Hend Eissa

Year 12


Yasemin Bozkurt

Ms. Michelle Shears
Head of Campus (MSC)

Head of Senior School ( Deputy )

ASA Parents and Students,

Welcome back to the school community and a very warm welcome to our new families who are joining us for the first time in 2021.

I sincerely hope you all had a restful break and are completely refreshed and ready for the start of the new academic year.

Beginning a new school is often a daunting experience for some students but especially so after long periods of home-schooling in 2020. I encourage parents and students who are new to the school, to reach out for assistance if necessary. Our Year level Coordinators in the senior school this year are:

Ms. Fadia EldebsYear 10
Ms. Hend Eissa Year 11
Ms. Yasemin Bozkurt Year 12

It is with great pride that I share the results of the graduating class of 2021 with you. Many of you are already aware that it has been yet another successful year at Melbourne Senior Campus. Our ATAR median for 2020 was 74.55. An astounding 53% of our students received their top VTAC preference in Round One. Eighty-three percent of our students were offered a place at one of four universities consisting of the University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT or La Trobe University, while the most popular post-secondary study proved to be Science and Mathematics with one in five students choosing a course in this field, followed closely by Health Care and Building and Construction.

Our joint Duxes for 2021 were Susan Hamad and Aiesha Khoder who both scored an ATAR of 97.9 The result put them in the top 2.1 per cent of the state’s highest achievers. Susan will go on to complete a Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne while Aiesha has opted to undertake a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at Monash University. I congratulate both girls on their amazing achievement.

And on a final note, I’d like to thank all 2021 Year 12 students for their phenomenal effort and dedication, in what was a difficult year. Thank you to our parents, for entrusting us with the important responsibility of navigating the education of your children and lastly thank you to my colleagues who impart their experience and infinite wisdom and much of their time and energy to continue the AIA tradition of excellence.

Ms Nese Ozcelik
Head of Senior School
Deputy Head

Head of Middle School

Asalaamu alaikum Parents and Guardians.

I hope you in the best state of health and the beginning of the school year has been fruitful.

Year eight and nine are very important years to establish habits that will excel students in their final years at AIA and beyond. Concentration and attention are still developing in year eight and nine. Research shows that studying in 20-30-minute intervals, with short meaningful breaks, have the best results for student outcomes. Organisation, goal setting and time management are also very important in developing healthy practices that are necessary for success. Fostering a strong identity, confidence and leadership skills also contribute building resilient character.

AIA has improved the environment of the classroom by purchasing new padded chairs, tables, carpet in the corridor and classrooms, painted walls and new blinds. The school is making an active commitment to improving the infrastructure of the school in line with the 4th goal of: Providing for a sustainable future environment.

I would like to address the importance of logging on to compass to find out the latest information about the students’ progress. Staff at AIA are instructed to use the compass interface and the first point of contact with parents and guardians about any concerns. On compass, staff communicate important issues such as attendance, discipline, any changes to the school program, bulletins, behaviour, work submission and academic grades. It is a very important tool to help develop our shared important asset, the student. Please download the compass application and If there are any issues, contact the school for help.

A recent government announcement will endeavor keep schools open at all costs. This is welcome news after two years of remote learning. We understand that the social development of students may be hindered and AIA will continue to employ restorative practices. Behaviour of students is taken very seriously at AIA and any forms of racist or violent behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Cyberbullying is also a very concerning issue and it is very important to educate the students about appropriate interactions with others. Please have conversations with the student about safe practices online and suggest appropriate coping strategies. AIA has a network of services and personal who can be contacted if you have any concerns with bullying or child safety.

Please familiarize yourself with school policies as they will be implemented stringently. We would love for you to be part of the positive culture change at AIA. However, a positive change cannot be achieved without parental support or feedback to improve.

I appreciate all the support and emails I have received and encourage more parents to get involved in school improvement processes. I look forward to a productive year of positive habitual changes. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or the coordinator if you have any concerns or issues.

Asalaamu alaikum,
Mr Moustafa Elakkoumi
Head of Middle School

Head of Middle School

Ready for 2022

As we start the hustle and bustle of the morning rituals of a school day. I pray that you’ve all had a fabulous summer break and the students are refreshed and ready for a great year together here at AIA.

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the many new families who have joined us this year and a big welcome back to our ongoing students, families and staff. I would like to introduce and welcome new teaching staff that have joined us and have classes in the Lower Middle School in 2022:

Ms. Leila Hassan - English
Mr. James Giannakos – Mathematics, Personal Development, Form Teacher
Mr. Nicolas Amanatidis – English, Form Teacher
Ms. Halabia Merhi – Mathematics, Personal Development
Mr. Carlo Belfiore – Mathematics, Science, Form Teacher

We are happy to have them as part of our teaching team and wish them well for the year ahead.

Although the last two years were complex with lockdowns, online teaching and learning, I’m proud of all that we achieved together in 2021. Our Naplan results showed a great improvement and our end of year results from our senior students demonstrated that we improved even further on the successes of 2020. The excellence achieved by our students, in many different ways, should bring our whole community great pride. At AIA, We all- students, families and staff, have a role to positively contribute to our outstanding school. I am looking forward to working with you all again this year.

All our students have had a stable start to the 2022 educational year. We are pleased to see that students are ready to learn right from the onset. Each and every one of our students is important to us. Inshallah we will see that they do their very best.

The virtual 2022 Information Night on Zoom was attended by families, students and staff on Tuesday 8 February. The attendance by parents for the Middle School Years 6/7 was good. We realise that many of our families are not accessing information from the compass portal. If you have misplaced your login details please contact to regain access to your child/ren’s information and other important newsfeeds. It’s of utmost importance to be informed of matters that relate and concern your child/ren.

The information evening was set in sessions. The first session was about our Strategic Priorities for 2022 and the importance of community involvement, the 2021 results were explained and this is where our mission and vision statements came to life. The second session was with the Year Level Coordinators. They informed parents of the expectation and the requirements to make 2022 a successful year for their child/ren.

Our Year 6 and 7 students have quickly moved into the spirit of being at school and engaging in opportunities to enhance their learning. The year 7 have had a session with elevate education where they were workshopped in writing techniques and persuasive writing. Moreland City Council Youth Services offered a presentation to highlight the services they offer to the Year 7’s.

Our teachers are been busy designing quality curriculum and implementing preliminary testing in ACER - PAT M, PAT R, eWrite and OnDemand – English and Mathematics. These tests will also be repeated in term 4 to demonstrate academic growth over the duration

All students in the middle school took home their diaries. Please make yourself familiar with the expectations and the policies that govern your child/ren they are included in the diary. If at any point you need to discuss a matter that related to your child, please contact your child’s year level coordinator, counsellors or myself.

Year 6 Coordinator - Ms. Shahana Siddiqui –
Year 7 Coordinator - Ms. Sawsan Alshakshir –
School counsellor - Mr. Belal Assaad –
School psychologist – Ms. Tugba Buday –
Head of Middle School 6/7 – Ms. Shirin Sezer Gunes –

We believe every student is unique and they process the world differently. The differences are led by what they live and how they are treated. Please be assured that we have an environment where caring, respect, honesty, responsibility and owning your behaviour are expected. We encourage our students to use their manners in dealing with others. I have included a poem from Dorothy Law Nolte Ph.D that confirms that children learn what they live.

Children Learn What They Live By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

I pray that all our students will ‘learn and grow all they can; serve and befriend all they can; enrich and inspire all they can’. I agree with all the stated points made by American author William Arthur Ward. If at any point your child comes home not right I urge you to let your child’s coordinator know. The sooner we are informed we will investigate and quicker the resolution can take place.

I pray that each and every child is given every opportunity possible to achieve., to be the best they can without comparison.

Kind regard
Ms. Shirin Sezer Gunes
Head of Middle School 6-7


As Salaam Alaikum Parents, Students and Teachers,

We started 2022 on a positive note with the pleasing achievement of the graduating class of 2021. The accomplishment of the 2021 High Achievers was further acknowledged on Thursday 10th of February when two of our students were invited to the annual IB Diploma Program Awards Ceremony. The ceremony celebrates students who scored an IB score of 40 and above (equivalent to a 99+ ATAR) at an annual event which is held in Federation Square. We congratulate Aeisha Khoder and Susan Hamad on their success.

We have had a productive start to the 2022 Academic Year. Our Year 11 students are slowly adjusting to the demands of the IB Diploma Programme. Our Year 12 students are continuing their preparation towards attaining their desired ATAR by working diligently with the Extended Essay being drafted, CAS experiences being completed, TOK Exhibitions already presented whilst also planning, researching and drafting various internal assessments.

I would like to remind parents/guardians that Year 11 and 12 IB can be a very challenging period in a student’s life. To assist them through this journey it is important that students remain positive, organised, have a quiet place to study, an effective study plan as well as support from both parents/guardians and teachers. In an attempt help students better engage in the IB syllabus we have made available to them valuable online resources and afterschool support sessions. A 2022 Dates and Deadlines Calendar has been distributed to our Year 12 IB students and also the list of All the coming examinations. The purpose of this document is to guide students in their planning and preparation.

I would like to wish to all our students a great school year.

Stay focused and positive, hard work will always pay off

Ms Naima Keddar
IB DP Programme Coordinator

Visit to the French cafe La Choukette

On Wednesday 23 February, I had the pleasure of taking my Year 12 French class to a French Cafe “La Choukette” where students had an opportunity to practice their French in a real situation. Food and drinks is a topic we are covering in class, students were exposed to know the very rich French gastronomy; the history and also the origins of some famous dishes such as la quiche Lorraine, la Bouillabaisse le Croque Monsieur, ect.

We ordered delicious Macaroons, Eclairs and other cakes and we had a great time speaking in French and enjoying a cafe,

Ms Naima Keddar
French Teacher

Girls Adventure Club

Members of the Girls Adventure Club had a blast in the home economics room as they made delicious ice cream.

When it comes to communication most parents strive for finding the best way to communicate with their children to support them and guide them in living their best lives. But what happens when our kids don’t respond to our communication style? Did you know that there are different communication styles? Is there a way we can enhance this? The short answer is yes!

As individuals we know that we prefer a certain type of communication. The way someone approaches us when communicating will either pull us towards them or drive us further away. This presentation will focus on identifying your preferred communication styles, what motivates you and your strengths when it comes to communication. We will be exploring the EDISC behaviour Quadrant to understand your communication style better. This knowledge will support you in finding ways to communicate with your child that insha’Allah your child will respond to.

About our presenter:

Fatima Raad has always been at the forefront for the promotion of health and well-being She has over 18 years of experience and expertise in working in the field of public health in Australia as a Nurse, Midwife, and a Maternal and Child Health Nurse (MCHN). She is currently working with local council as a MCHN, where she can support and develop healthy family relationships at the grassroots level. She is also the chief life coach of her business (Fatima Raad- Mindset Strategist) where she works with women who are wanting to overcome self-limiting beliefs, breakthrough from tribal cycles and live their best lives; which serves to further enhance their parenting if they are mothers. Furthermore, she is collaborating with state and private schools across Victoria to promote the best outcomes for students' learning and emotional well-being.

Ms Manar Eltchelebi
Leader of Girls Adventure Club

Year 6


Welcome to our year 6 students and families. We are pleased to meet our new cohort of enthusiastic, young students at the Melbourne Senior Campus.

The 6 have settled in extremely well with all the changes and norms of a secondary school. They are quickly adapting to navigating the Compass portal and their school emails for correspondence, which is great to see. Students can easily link to either via the AIA MSC home page, by clicking on the small flag icon on the right and choosing Compass to enter the school management system or Professionate for their email. You can also access the library homepage from here where there is an abundance of resources and learning tools including Britannica School which is a great starting point for research and general information.

The Year 6 Interschool Sports program has also begun. The Summer Program includes basketball, softball and bat tennis. Students will be playing against other schools within our district on scheduled Fridays. Many students have further availed Afterschool Sports training, which begun 14 February and runs until 21 March and is held on Mondays from 3:15 – 4:20 pm. We have also had a great response to the Girls and Boys Adventure Clubs, which are both held on Thursdays from 3:15- 4:15 pm. Students have already gone to the cooking room for their first session and made ice-cream! There are also lots of other great activities planned, including First Aid, a beach trip with Lifesaving Victoria as well as coaches running sporting activities including basketball and futsal. I strongly encourage all students to partake in active sports and extra-curricular activities for their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

A final reminder- full school uniform is required every day except Fridays when we have PE and Mondays for those students involved in afterschool sports. Additionally, chewing gum is not permitted at all within the school grounds. Breaches of school policies do entail an afterschool detention. We have allowed a grace period for our students to settle in. Inshallah they are now clear and accustomed to the procedures at the senior campus. I am hopeful and confident that our year 6s will be the most well dressed and positive example for the rest of the school.

Looking forward to a wonderful school year ahead. Alhamdulillah it has begun very well. Inshallah working together we will celebrate success and continued positivity within our year 6s.

With Warmest Regards,
Ms Shahana Siddiqui
Year 6 Coordinator

Year 7

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

A warm welcome to our new students and thanks to our returning students and staff for assisting them with settling into the new school year.

Alhamdulilah this year we have 26 new students that have joined us in the year 7 area and they have all settled well.

I encourage students to use the new year to reassess their goals and put in the time and effort required to achieve them in order to achieve their goals.

Time awaits no one and it is the only thing in the world that you cannot get back! Therefore, get the most out of it, and use it to your benefit.

  • Have goals: as we have discussed in previous lessons, setting goals will give you a ‘helicopter’ vision of what your life is about and will aid you in putting more effort into managing time, so you achieve those goals.
  • Rank your priorities: think about what is most desirable and worthy to you, and try to focus your energy on this.
  • Write it down: develop an action plan with deadlines. Write one up and put it in your diary, next to your bed so you see it every day, identify the steps you will need to take in order to achieve your goals.
  • Don’t delay today’s tasks for tomorrow: Doing this will prevent you from having the work multiplied, which will add stress and dissatisfaction about yourself and managing time.
  • Leave slack in your time table: do not fill your timetable with so many tasks, set out 3-4 main tasks to do every day and achieve them at the assigned times.
  • One thing at a time: If you start doing a particular task, finish it before moving on to the next one
  • Identify your prime time: your prime time is the time when you are most active and energetic, some people feel the most active late in the evenings, others early in the morning; you are to identify your prime time and get the tasks that require most work done at this time.
  • Relax: the muscles in your body tense up when you are stressed which leads to headaches, backaches and feelings of tiredness. You need to do things calmly and give yourself breaks.

On Wednesday the 15th of Feb we had our 2nd year level Assembly and we targeted a very important topic which is Bullying.

Bullying can be a serious problem for students and many students are not always aware that certain actions are the behaviours of bullies.

Bullying has been spoken about by Allah (SWT) in the Quran:

“O you who have believed let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” [49:11]

What is bullying?

Bullying is the act of intentionally causing physical or emotional harm to another. A bully will usually target someone who they think is weaker than them to intimidate and gain power. Bullying can happen in a wide range of ways, and can be direct and indirect.

Direct bullying includes things like physical abuse, teasing and name calling.
Indirect bullying can be a little bit harder to identify and includes things like intentionally excluding a person from social situations, spreading rumours, manipulation and giving dirty looks.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is deliberate, intentional, and repeated use of digital technology such as the internet and mobile phones to harass, abuse, or mislead others.

Certain aspects of digital technologies can make it easier for bullies to target others.

What do you do if you are bullied or know about a bullying incident.

The first thing you must do is report bullying to the coordinator. If bullying is not reported it cannot be resolved.

Along with informing teachers and coordinators of bullying incidents, here are some things that you could do to overcome bullying.

  1. Stay calm and in control of yourself. Bullies are watching and waiting for a reaction and if you get upset or respond with any lack of control, it gives the bully power. Tell them to stop with assertive but non-inflammatory words.
  2. Save the evidence! If there were witnesses or if in the case of cyber bullying save or print any instances.
  3. You are in control. Despite how you are feeling in the moment, you have the advantage because you did not do wrong, so why should you feel bad for someone else’s behaviour and un-Islamic actions that anger Allah (SWT).
  4. Please parents speak to your children about bullying and make them aware of the consequences

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following issues:

Protection from Coronavirus – Covid-19

  • Use a face mask. Please parents make sure your child has a mask from home
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Keep distance while going out.
  • Avoid gatherings and keep yourself away from crowds.
  • Avoid touching your face without washing your hands.
  • Avoid ordering food from outside.
  • Eat healthy foods to keep your immune system working.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a hadith told the people not to go to an area where an epidemic has broken out or do not leave the area if you’re in it. This means that life and death are in Allah’s hand but making sure that you keep your health and other’s health protected, it is necessary.

  1. Reciting Surah Al-Falak and Surah An-Nas can cure any illness.
  2. Cupping (Hijama), Honey and Cauterizing contain a number of healing powers, which can be a great way to fight Coronavirus.
  3. Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned an agent of healing which is Honey. So, one should take a teaspoon of honey each morning.
  4. Black seed is being used for medicinal purposes for the last 2,000 years, experts claimed. Anti-Bacterial, Antioxidants and Anti-Viral properties can be found in the black seed.
  5. Allah in the Quran stressed “Taqwah” and Tawakal” which means God’s and Reliance upon Allah. There are some things that humans cannot control.

You can read duaa for coronavirus as much as you can, reading it after every Salah is suggested by the scholars.

(Praise be to Allah who had saved me from what He had afflicted you with, and for honouring me over many of his creations)

In addition, I advise all parents to monitor their children’s devices and to have parental control over the social Apps they are using.

Ms Sawsan Alshakshir
Year 7 Coordinator

AIA Minecraft Build Competition 2021

Mohammed Mughal of Year 7 for won the ‘AIA Minecraft Build Competition 2021.'

His build constituted of a multi-layered hospital faceted with a pharmacy, an ICU unit, multiple receptions, a radio-imaging room, a staff-room, and a conference room, amongst other rooms.

Images attached show some of the amenities.

The YouTube link provides a tour of the entire hospital and surrounding buildings

Moreland City Council’s Youth Services at AIA with Year 7’s

“On Friday the 11th of February Miriam and Sarah from Moreland City Council’s Youth Services team attended the school to present their service to the whole year 7 cohort. The session was both captivating and informative and every one of the students participated with great enthusiasm in ice-breaker activities, a Kahoots quiz, etc.

The session was designed to introduce what services and opportunities council run’s for young people in Moreland to participate in their community, it was also an opportunity for the students to learn about safe places to go to in the City of Moreland, including the Oxygen Youth Space in Coburg. From this space programs like Female Only Boxing and our after school ‘Drop-in’ program to form social connection and confidence.

The Moreland Youth team are based across the municipality and have a number of offerings that young people can engage in such as the ‘Helping Hoops’ Basketball Program for young women aged 12 and above on Monday afternoons in Fawkner, just to name a few. Most recently Moreland Youth have launched a ‘1800 number’ [1800 MY YOUTH- 1800 699 6884] so anyone in the community can contact the team with regards to receiving information on support services for young people in and around Moreland.”

Year 8

Welcome students and parents to the year 2022. This year holds within it the promise of being the first continuous year of face-to-face education since 2019 and thus we can assume to deliver the full plans of the year 8 curriculum and experiences.

The year 8 year is vital in the progression of students. This is potentially the year that biologically students develop most. When welcoming the students at year 8, I know that these will not be the same students whom I will farewell at the end of the year. The biological changes come with many psychological impacts, and as professional teachers and staff we account for this in our dealings with the students, progressively opening room for opinion-based dialogue with students as they begin transitioning to adulthood.

Year 8 is the beginning of this transition, and so we generally hear many people complain about the behavioral effects of hormones that kick into gear at these ages. As a year 8 team we aim at affirming previously learned morals such as respect and responsibility, however we begin to evolve it more into its mature forms. We aim to motivate the students this year to take steps to become more self-motivated in their approach to studies, to learn to take ownership of their actions, and to learn the foundations of decision making.

One the big themes for this year that I will be explicit in, is organization. Whether it be organizing workspace, time, or goals. It can be debated heavily that success in schooling owes more to organization than to intelligence.

The year 8 students have begun this year with entering the revamped area consisting of new lockers, new carpets, new chairs, and tables. The workspace whether at school or at home affects heavily the psychology of the student, and here we are working to optimize these small things to complete a piece of the bigger picture. There will be numerous activities, excursions and presentations planned for the year 8 cohort of 2022, and we will work diligently to make it the best year for all.

Year 9

As we begin a new year at AIA we look to the future year and the multiplicity of learning opportunities it will afford, with a strong sense of eagerness and anticipation. Inshallah this year will bring advancement and success to each individual and the year level as a collective, in all its many forms. It is an abundant truth that there is a pervasive sense of collective relief at returning to permanent face to face learning with a significantly reduced incursion into the learning experience with the advent of the new ‘COVID Normal’ of 2022. A reality which will afford all the stakeholders of the Academy the chance to have a positive and stimulating academic year in our learning community. For my part as Year 9 Co-ordinator I relish the opportunity to support this with my passion and experience in the education of secondary school students at the Academy. To that end I wish everyone at AIA but particularly the Year 9 cohort a warm welcome to the 2022 academic year.

Mr Gerald Walkey
Year 9 Coordinator

Year 10

Assalamu Aliakkum Parents & Gradians

I would like to welcome all the year 10 students and their families, and wishing the students a very successful year. The term one is underway and year 10 are settling in well with all the new changes in elective subject, personal project and the new VCE subjects. In senior school students are expected to be;

  • Self-motivated and mature in their approach to their studies
  • Responsible for adopting effective study routines and committing to work in an increasingly independent manner.
  • Are expected to work with pride as part of the year group to achieve their very best for both themselves and the group.
  • Consciously and respectfully contribute to the School academically

I would like to thanks all the parents who attended the information night on 8th February, it was a pleasure to see parent asking question about year 10 Program.

Any parents could ’t attend the information night on Zoom, please visit the student’s Hub on compass to access any information about year 10 Program such as;

  1. Year 10 core subject
  2. Year elective subject
  3. VCE subject
  4. Extra -curricular activities
  5. Personal Project.
  6. Service as Actions.
  7. Credit points system.

1- Year 10 - Personal Project – On Wednesday 24th February Year 10 students will have first meeting with Ms Mona and their supervisors in the school hall at 3:30pm-4:30 pm.

2- Year 10- Road Smart Incursion – Road Smart is a free education program that helps prepare beginner drivers for a lifetime of safe driving.

To be held at the school on the 16Th March from 9:30 - 10:30 am during Period 2 and 3 in their classroom.

3- Year 10 - Elevate education learning programme – It held on 25TH February in their classroom during period 1& 2.

Important Reminders:

Uniform policy – Please ensure that your child attends school in the correct school uniform and appropriate hair style. Make up and nail polish is not permitted.

Mobile Phone - Mobile Phone should be locked away in the lockers or bags during school hours. Students are not permitted to make or receive calls, messages of other communication on smartphone during school hours.

Lockers: Many students don’t have locks on their lockers, locks can be bought from the student’s office, and MUST ALWAYS be locked using AIA combination locks to protect their personal belonging.

RAT testing – Stay safe; please get tested twice a week.

  • Any student who is a confirmed COVID-19 case must follow Department of Health directions, including isolation arrangements.
  • Any student who receives notification from the Department of Health that they are a primary close contact of a confirmed case must immediately isolate.

Ms Fadia Eldebs
Year 10 Coordinator

Year 11

Assalam Alaykum,

It has been a busy start to the Academic year with a number of assemblies held to inform students of program expectations. The leap from Year 10 to 11 is a relatively big one. It is important that Year 11’s are self-motivated and mature in their approach to their studies. Moreover, we expect students to take responsibility and adopt effective study routines, working in an increasingly independent manner.

I can’t stress the importance of organization enough. The workload is manageable if a realistic study schedule is created and small achievable goals are set.

Year 11’s are proudly representing AIA in a few leadership programs, making their cohort and myself very proud of their participation and achievements.

Sidike Tatouti and Marha Salim have been invited to speak at an ISV conference titled ‘Reignite’. School Leaders and notable professionals in the education sector will attend the conference to hear from our school student representatives discuss the theme ‘thriving in an uncertain world’. Sid and Marha have had multiple meetings with ISV officials to prepare for the significant event, to be held on March 9th.

On Wednesday 23 February the IB Visual arts students attended the IB Exhibition at Glen Eira Gallery to view the high calibre of student work on exhibit. Students gained an insight to the diverse approaches to a final year portfolio. The excursion to the gallery was designed to motivate, inspire and set a standard for students to aspire to achieve.

Year 12

Assalamu alaikum Parents and Students,

Welcome back!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing and productive summer break and enjoyed time out with family and friends. My name is Ms Yasemin Bozkurt, I am the Year 12 Coordinator and I look forward to working with you on making this year full of successful and great memories.

So far students have had a safe and exciting start to the year trying to get back into the rhythm of their final school year. Whilst I believe these first couple of weeks have been a smooth transition from a very disrupted previous two years, I also understand that for some students, the excitement of back-to-school and Year 12 can in itself present anxiety, nervousness, and/or stress.

One of our main focus this year is to ensure the wellbeing of our student is well supported for academic success. At AIA we have a great team of professionals that students/parents may approach. Having the right mindset and feeling supported is a main stepping stone in a busy Year 12 school year.

Please make use of the following resources provided from the “beyou” website for further assistance

Click here to view more information

“Young people can support themselves getting through some of the tough times in adolescence by learning and practising useful skills and habits. There’s a wide range of apps out there that can help build these positive approaches by helping young people to:

  • develop resilience and coping skills
  • track and manage their mood and thoughts
  • improve their learning and communication skills
  • track physical health, including sleep, movement and nutrition.”

Useful resources and apps include:

Click here to view BRAVE program website

Online program supporting young people who are experiencing anxiety, as well as their families.

Click here to view the ReachOut Website

Practical support, tools and tips to help young people get through anything from everyday questions through to tough times.

Click here to view the Bullying. No Way! website

Tailored online information for students about bullying.

Click here to view the Headspace website

Tailored information for 12 to 25-year-olds relating to general mental health, physical health, work and study, and drugs and alcohol.

Click here to view the Office of the e Safety Commissioner website

A suit of classroom resources providing primary and secondary students with dedicated content to help empower them to safely explore the online world.

Click here to view the Beyond Now website

A safety plan app that can be accessed and edited at any time. A young person can also email it to trusted friends, family or their health professional, so they can offer support when their experiencing suicidal thoughts or heading towards a suicidal crisis.

Click here to view the Digital Dog website

A research group within the Black Dog Institute working to use technology to solve common mental health issues. The team develops and tests a suite of online mobile apps, websites and games to help lower depression, lower suicide risk, reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

Click here to view the ReachOut website

Professionally-reviewed mobile apps and tools to help them look after their health and wellbeing.

Click here to view the MoodGYM website

An online program that helps young people and adults learn about cognitive behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression.

Click here to view the Smiling Mind website

A modern meditation for young people. It's a unique web and app-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.

I pray for a healthy and productive 2022.

Ms Yasemin Bozkurt
Year 12 Coordinator


The MSC Arts faculty staff warmly welcome all middle and senior arts students back into the specialist arts rooms for a productive year of performing, art making and creative media exploration. With a range of exciting units planned at all year levels, students will have the opportunity to create, critique and explore new skills and processes throughout 2022.

With the introduction of Media Arts at year 9 and 11, students now have the opportunity to produce and create a variety of digital media products, consider social, ethical and regulatory issues and expand their digital media literacy.

We also wish to congratulate our three 2021 BP Visual Arts students for their successful end of year results and

Raweehah Bint Hamad 2021 IBVA Year 12
Raweehah Bint Hamad 2021 IBVA Year 12

Raweehah Bint Hamad, whose mixed media artwork, A Timeline of Depression, was selected to be exhibited in the Victorian and Tasmanian Schools IBDP Visual Art exhibition at Glen Eira City Council Gallery this month.

We also welcome any donations of colour magazines and books that students can use for collage, unusual objects for still life, Islamic artworks, posters, textiles or artefacts for our study of Islamic Art in year 7.

Ms Elizabeth Barnes


Library Update

We have had a wonderful start to 2022 and are very happy to be back as a whole school community. The library team have just finished the library orientation sessions with the Year 6 students. It was excellent to meet them, introduce them to all of our resources and support them to feel “at home” in the library.

We have also been running referencing sessions with the Year 7 Individuals and Societies students to support them in their research on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We have been working with them to create their bibliographies for their learning task. We believe that teaching students about maintaining Academic Integrity in their work is very important. To support students in achieving this, MSC has moved to the APA7 (American Psychological Association, Version 7) style of referencing will be embedded in the curriculum across all subject areas. The library is running workshops with both students and staff to support this transition throughout 2022. The MSC Guide to referencing can be found on the library websites to support this initiative.

The other exciting development in the library is that we have worked with the Theory of Knowledge department to create a comprehensive website to support this wonderful program. I encourage all students to explore this website and utilise the resources that have been curated for all students in the IB Diploma Program. It has the study guides, presentations on key areas of the program, referencing guides and excellent websites to explore. This site can be access through the TOK tab on the library website.

Ms Nafisa Miller
Ms Norhayati Casey
Library and Teaching Resources

Academy Nurse

Asalamualaykum Parents and Guardians,

Hope everyone is well and staying safe.

As you all know, it is very common to have dry skin and experience other skin conditions such as eczema also known as Atopic dermatitis which is an inherited, chronic inflammatory skin condition that usually appears in early childhood. Patches of skin become red, scaly and itchy. Sometimes, tiny blisters containing clear fluid can form and the affected areas of skin can weep. Weeping is a sign that the dermatitis has become infected, usually with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (‘golden staph’).

Symptoms of eczema

The physical effects of eczema can include:

  • skin dryness
  • red and scaly areas on the front of the elbows and the back of the knees
  • watery fluid weeping from affected skin
  • itchiness
  • lesions (sores) that may become infected by bacteria or viruses.

Treatments for eczema

Treatment options for eczema include:

  • moisturisers (emollients)
  • anti-inflammatory ointments – either topical corticosteroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments such as pimecrolimus
  • coal tar – to reduce the itch
  • dietary changes – seek professional advice before changing your diet
  • ultraviolet radiation therapy (phototherapy)
  • oral medication (tablets).

If your child suffers from eczema, please take extra precaution during winter, and always be mindful your child is applying moisturises daily to prevent further discomfort whilst there in school. There is treatment available but it is best to discuss this further with your GP. Unfortunately, here at AIA we do not supply the treatments for eczema, but if your child suffers from it, please inform the school and supply the school with their prescribed – creams and medications catered for your child.

If you have any questions and concerns please email me at

Kind Regards,
Ms Mhalya Waliyzada
Academy Nurse

Academy Counsellor

Assalamualaykum Parents, Guardians & Students,

Welcome to 2022! As always, we begin with Bismillah and pray for a blessed year ahead InshAllah.

This month, students from year 11 assisted in creating a wellbeing corner in front of the counselling office. This activity contributed towards their Service in Action hours and serves to promote healthy wellbeing in our school community. This space is aimed to increase student awareness of domains of their wellbeing that may contribute to positive learning experiences. The command displayed “Take what you need” and “give what you can” encourages students to be active participants in promoting a healthy mindset in their own wellbeing needs and considering the needs of others. All students are encouraged to place meaningful quotes inside the pockets labelled: faith, hope, motivation, confidence, love, connection, and joy.


Ms Tugba Buday –
Wellbeing Coordinator, School Psychologist

AIA – Sports


Former AIA student Saad El Hawli has officially signed with VFL club the Werribee Tigers.

The signing is a significant step for Saad as the VFL is effectively the reserves for the AFL. This is a significant foot in the door for the former AIA student and school footballer who will now work hard in the pre-season to impress recruiters.

The VFL is Victorian reserves competition for the best state league footballers across Australia featuring 22 clubs from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in a 16-game season across 19 rounds. Recently for the first time, six clubs from New South Wales and Queensland joined the oldest state league football competition in Australia.

Saad looks forward to returning to AIA as an ambassador for the school Football program aiming to mentor and help the PHE Department prepare its teams in 2022 and beyond.

Saad attended the Academy from primary school and then onto secondary playing a pivotal role in delivering several School Sport Victoria pennants and Bachar Houli Cups. Saad had also returned post senior school to serve coaching roles at the school particularly with our Year 6 Football Teams prior to 2020.

Congratulations to Saad El Hawli and the Australian International Academy, inshallah we are on the path to having our very own home grown Bachar Houli/Adam Saad!

Adam Nahal
Head of AIA Health, Physical Education and Sports
Marketing and Promotions Manager
Australian International Academy

Term Dates 2022

Term One

Friday 28 January – Friday 8 April

Term Two

Tues26 April – Friday 24 June

Term Three

Monday 18 July – Friday 16 September

Term Four

Monday 3 October – Friday 9 December

Calendar events 2022


Mon 28 – Wed 2 Mar

Year 11 Camp


Mon 7 Mar – Thu 10 Mar

The Islamic Schools Sports Carnival

Fri 11 Mar

Curriculum Day

Mon 14 Mar

Labour Day (public holiday)

Fri 18 Mar

National Day of Action against Bullying Violence

Mon 28 Mar

Year 7 Immunization 1st round (HPV & DTP)


Thu 7 April

Last Day of Term One for Students

Frid 8 April

Parent Teacher -Student Conference