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We are developing graduates that are determined to achieve excellence in all that they do.

Character building and values education are an integral part of the AIA curriculum and ethos. The academy’s vision is ‘to have graduates who are well prepared and self motivated to advance Australia and to participate effectively as world citizens with Muslim values’. Having such a vision in mind the Academy places emphasis on character building through practicing the following values:

God Consciousness-Taqwa – Having an understanding that God sees and hears all things and that God loves and cares for us.

Care and compassion – Caring for self and others and respect for life and property.

Doing your best – Seeking to accomplish something worthy and admirable, trying hard and pursuing excellence. Each student is encouraged to achieve his or her potential in all respects and through critical and creative thinking, to develop a broad understanding of his or her own values and world views, and to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world and its people.

Fair go – Pursuing and protecting the common good where all people are treated fairly for a just society.

Freedom – Enjoying all the rights and privileges of Australian citizenship, free from unnecessary interference or control, and stand up for the rights of others.

Honesty, Trustworthiness and Sincerity – Being honest, sincere and seek the truth. Being genuine and earnest in actions.

Integrity – Acting in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct; ensure consistency between words and deeds and having a firm sense of fairness and honesty.

Respect – Treating others with consideration and regard, respect another person’s point of view and respect the world around us.

Responsibility – Being accountable for one’s own actions, resolve differences in constructive, creative, imaginative non-violent and peaceful ways, contribute to society and civic life, and take care of the environment.

Understanding Tolerance and Inclusion – To be aware of others and their cultures, accept diversity within a democratic society, being included and including others.