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We recognise that students have different learning styles and educational needs.

In our Middle Years Programme we guide students in their search for a sense of place in their natural, social and emotional environments. We also assist all students in their academic growth and development.

AIA Inclusive Curriculum Programs include: The Programs for Students with Disabilities the Enrichment Programs. These provide a range of support and initiatives to assist students with additional learning needs, including those students with disabilities. Programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of students.

Our Special Needs Program aims to:

  • Enhance our students' self esteem, worth and dignity, through our Personal Development Programs.
  • Encourage interaction and socialisation with peers.
  • Provide access to a curriculum which offers a range of opportunities for individualised and group learning and the development of skills, knowledge and values (using approaches in the Areas of Interaction).
  • Offer our students' curriculum support to successfully participate in mainstream classrooms.