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Since 2011, Year 10 students from both Melbourne campuses travel to Saudia Arabia to perform the Umrah. Included in the trip is to spend a week in the Emirates visiting the Abu Dhabi Campus. It is an experience that leave an indelible mark in all the students who go and, is often, a life changing experience.

Umrah 2019

This year a total of 17 boys, from the Melbourne Senior Campus and Caroline Springs Campus, travelled with Sheikh Abdul Nasser and Mr. Husnu Arguc. They joined up with the group from our Sydney campuses. The first leg of the trip was spent in Abu Dhabi where they were able to enjoy 4WD safaris, the famous Ferrari world and to take in the local sights and wonders.

The Umrah leg was spent in both Madina and, of course, Mecca. Besides performing the Umrah, the students spent time learning about the history of Islam, visiting important sites and even where the printing faciility where the Quran in published.