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We are passionate about helping our students work to their fullest potential. To help facilitate this, we offer conselling services to all students and their parents.

We employ school counsellors to help our students that require support. Students come for assistance via their parents' request, co-ordinator request, teacher or self referral. Their problems range from friendship issues, social problems such as phobia, sadness, depression, anxiety, teacher/student relations, family problems, learning difficulties, or communication and conflict issues.

No issue is too small or too big for us to deal with.

As well as offering individual counselling we also run group sessions to assist students with organisation skills, self esteem, social skills and conflict resolution. The counselling staff are also involved in extra-curricular activities, such as organising outside facilitators to come into the school to run forums and facilitate workshops. We also encourage students to come to us for help with Study Skills, and we give support to Special Education students.