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Camps are an exciting component of the AIA experience. We actively encourage and expect our students in Years 5, 7, 9 and 11 to attend camp during the year. Further, we ensure that male and female students attend different camps. We also ensure that attention is paid to such things as the proper observance of prayer times and the consumption of halal food. On camps, the normal, everyday rules of the AIA are enforced.

Most camps are based in hut accommodation and students are involved in a number of different activities, such as swimming, archery and bike-riding. Occasionally, more adventurous outdoor camps are organised for boys. In the past these have involved bushwalking and canoeing.

On these camps, students sleep in tents and cook their own meals. We also have some tents that students may borrow but boys need to provide their own sleeping bag, waterproof jacket and so forth.

We see that there is real value in a camps programme as:

  • Camps allow students and staff to get to know and understand one another better. Teachers are therefore better able to assist their students.
  • Camps teach students to work together and cooperate as a group.
  • They often help to develop initiative and responsibility in students.
  • They bring students into contact with the beauty of Allah's creation.
  • They teach students to care for that creation.
  • Many camps also enable students to take part in sustained, healthy exercise, outdoors, something that many students these days do not get a chance to engage in.

Parents and students are notified well in advance when a camp is being planned.