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We pride ourselves on the achievement of our students and the excellent sportsmanship and fairness displayed by them during interschool sporting matches and tournaments. Students are always expected to show team work and at the same time they are encouraged to learn and develop leadership skills.

We compete in a number of competititions throughout the year for both female and male students. Some of the tounaments and competitions we are a part of are: Bachar Houli Cup, Islamic School Sports Carnival, SSV Moreland District competitions as well as other tournaments. The following sports have become a staple of our sporting calendar: football, soccer, basketball, netball, cricket and softball.

Both boys and girls compete in football, soccer and basketball competitions; as these are traditionally our strongest sports.

The school P.E. Department regularly employ professional sporting organisations to enhance our students' skills. These sessions are held throughout the year both in school alloted P.E. classes and after school.