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Year 1

Amanda Dessmann

The Year 1 students entered their classrooms with much enthusiasm and excitement this year. We had minimal tears and fuss as they came with huge smiles on their faces. The children are starting to settle into routine and build relationships with their classmates and teachers. It's great to see them all engaging in their learning and having fun. We hope the year ahead continues with smiles, laughter and lots of learning.

Marvellous Me Incursion

Today the grade 1 students were so engaged in their first Incursion for the year. They welcomed with many smiles and laughs, the gang from Marvellous Me. The children learnt about being inclusive and accepting of each other and themselves and that being different is OK! Many children made connections with the show and shared their experiences willingly. It was so much fun for them and for us teachers to watch them engage and laugh so much.