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Message from Mr Kenan Erdal

Mr Kenan Erdal
Head of Campus

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have successfully commenced the new school year by welcoming all staff and students to the AIAE King Khalid Coburg Campus. Preps commenced their schooling one day before other students and all other year levels commenced their studies on Wednesday, 2 February 2022. I would like to welcome, once again, new students and parents to the AIAE community. I hope your journey of learning and development will be successful and enjoyable.

In year level assemblies and classes, we (myself, Deputies, Team Leaders and teachers) have explained to students about our standards and expectations from our students. It is made clear to all that proper conduct, respect, continuous learning and striving to be better skilled and knowledgeable is very important to all concerned. We expect and demand that all students will follow our high standards and expectations.

Student development at the highest level is not possible without high standards and expectations from our staff. We have asked our staff to create a learning environment where all students are able to achieve high levels of skills and knowledge. To achieve this teachers and support staff came back from their summer break and finalised their curriculum material and were prepared and keen to make a positive impact on their students’ learning and overall school experience.

We will within the constraints and restrictions due to Covid-19 will continue to regularly inform students regarding Islam and Academic matters, and general news about what is happening within the school community. In our small group assemblies, classes and in the mosque, we will reinforce proper conduct, Islamic values and what students need to do to achieve Islamic and Academic excellence throughout the year.

In classes, teachers will teach, assess and collect information on each student throughout the term. They will report to you on your child’s progress at the end of this term. A more comprehensive mid-year report will be provided at the end of Term 2.

We believe that each child’s progress is dependent upon teachers, parents, resources at home and at school also shared values, high standards and expectations. We regularly communicate with parents to inform you about our expectations, policies and values so that we work together to advance our students and your children. We started with information on Compass and with this first newsletter for this year. We also held two separate parent information sessions on 7 February for Year Prep to Year 2 parents and on 10 February for Year 3 to Year 5 parents. During the 1.5 hour sessions parents were provided with information regarding the school’s Curriculum, student safety and support systems, Arabic language and Islamic Studies. Parents also met via zoom with their child’s teachers to be informed about year level specific information. I would like to thank all those parents for attending and to staff for assisting and informing our parents.

Throughout the year we will continue to inform you so that you as a parent is a significant contributor in the progress of your child.

Your child’s Form teacher/Classroom is the first teacher to contact should any concerns arise with your child’s education.

We highly recommend that all appointments made by you to meet with any teacher should be outside of the scheduled teaching time. Please contact the office and they will guide you.


Office Manager & Assistants at the Main Office - Phone 93540833
Form/Classroom Teacher of your child,

After the above process:

Prep – Year 2 Student Management – Ms Rabia Jones
Year 3 – 5 Student Management – Mr Hassan Ellahibi
School Nurse – Ms Deniz Yilmaz
Student Counselling & Welfare – Ms Pinar Sahin

There are many other staff involved in the support and education of students. Please discuss the matter with the office so that they can direct you to the relevant staff member.


8.25 - 8.35 am: Recommended time of arrival for students.
8.40 am: Morning form assembly and classes start.
3.20 pm: Final bell (Students are dismissed from 3.00-3.20 pm due to health & safety reasons)

Students are supervised by staff during recess, lunchtime, before school from 8.15 am until assembly. Students must be collected within 15 minutes after the dismissal time.

Please do not bring your child before 8.15am.

K. Erdal
Head of Campus


The Australian International Academy of Education declares and affirms that school programmes and leading practices embrace the following important principles:

1. The promotion of peace, harmony and understanding through intercultural interactions.

2. All Australians have equal rights before the law. We reject any form(s) of discrimination based on race, religion or gender.

3. The rule of law and respect for the rights of others.

4. The values of fairness, openness, sharing and giving a hand, looking after neighbours, tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

5. People are free to choose and practice their religions. But we reject those who preach violence and hatred in the name of any religion.

6. The right of individuals to enjoy freedom of speech, expression and association. But we reject verbal and written abuses and transgressions against others under the cover of freedom of speech and expression.

7. The Australian system of democratically elected governments and councils is the best that serves the interest of all Australians.