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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Theory of Knowledge!

Welcome to our first year of IB DP. I am so excited to be coordinating and teaching Theory of Knowledge (TOK). TOK is such a fascinating subject, as it is not content based but rather, students are provided with an opportunity to explore and reflect on the nature of knowledge and the process of knowing. For the first few sessions, students were asked to explore a simple object, a fig. We had a guest speaker, Nicolas Tod, who is a horticulturist to come share his knowledge on all things fig. The students were engaged and had many questions in regards to this particular plant. We also looked at figs from multiple perspectives. For example, from a historical point of view, the fig is known to be the first domesticated plant around 11,400 years ago. From an economic perspective, Turkey is known to produce 1.93 million tons of fresh figs which equates to 25% of global demand and lastly the role of the fig leaf in arts. Students are slowly learning how an object, especially a simple one can be viewed from multiple lenses. As we progress to the course, students will slowly develop their analytical and reflective skills.

Ms. Tanisha

IBDP TOK Coordinator