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Dear Parents/Guardians

The Mathematics department has introduced an exciting new program in 2022 called the ‘Mathematics Focus Groups’. This program is mainly designed to help assist students of different learning abilities, to thrive in an environment suitable to their learning pace. It will also aid learning by giving students one on one support and preparation for upcoming tests and Mathematics competitions. This new initiative aligns with AIA’s mission statement which aims to ‘deliver quality education to students in a nurturing, enriching’ environment. The students will be split into their focus groups one lesson per week to cater for their learning abilities, to either support or accelerate them.

Please keep in mind other reminders in the Maths department:

  1. The after-school Mathematics study club runs every Wednesday at 3:25 – 4:00 pm, to assist students who need extra support or catch up on homework.
  2. Chess Club runs every Monday during lunchtime to promote critical thinking and problem solving. It can also help improve cognitive skills and increase self-confidence.
  3. The upcoming Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is to be held in March and August for selected students.

The Maths department consist of:

Year 6: Sayeeda Chowdhury (6A) and Joe Faila (6B)

Year 7: Joe Faila (7A) and Gadir Chebib (7B & 7C)

Year 8: Sayeeda Chowdhury (8A) and Joe Faila (8B)

Year 9 & 10: Anthony Zarka

The best way to communicate with the subject teacher is via the compass portal or school email.

Ms. Gadir Chebib

Mathematics Coordinator