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Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Year 8 Mathematics class had an excursion to Mt Derrimut Golf and Community Club where students were exposed to the “language” that many golf players use such as par, stroke, birdie and many more. The students were very excited as this was their first excursion after Covid-19. Some students were outstanding and ahieved a “Hole in One”. Some students had never played mini golf and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The students that obtained a “Hole in One” were; Ahmed El-Masry, Ahmed Kaya, Ayman Ali, Dyana El Hallak, Eidd El Haouli, Hassan Ellaz, Lamiese Yahgi, Mouna Karim and Syed Haider Hussain. It seems we have future professional golfers at AIA CSSC.

After the excursion, all year 8 students sat the Criteria D test from the MYP: Applying maths in “Real- Life Context”. Most students used this experience in understanding the vocabulary used and the Mathematics “Directed Number” studied in class to realise the importance of how mathematics is used in real life situations. Mr Joe Failla and Ms Sayeeda thank the Year 8 students for a memorable day. All students were well behaved and represented the College with great pride. We must also thank Mr Ali Harba, Mr Mahmoud Sammak and Mr Michael for their help and support during this excursion.

Kind Regards,

Ms Sayeeda Chowdhury and Mr Joe Failla