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Health and Physical Education

Welcome to 2022!

This year all classes will experience a range of different physical activities from interschool sports, swimming program, Bachar Houli Cup and playing various games to develop their personal, social and motor skills.

The students will be provided with opportunities to improve their skills and gain sportsmanship, which students will display during sport classes and interschool sports.

Students will be encouraged to develop skills, knowledge and understanding to strengthen their sense of self and to build and manage respectful relationships. Students will participate in programs to build on personal and community strengths and assets to enhance safety and wellbeing.

The schools Health and Physical Education curriculum will teach students a wide range of opportunities to develop, practice, apply and evaluate key health and movement knowledge, understanding and skills to support students to make healthy, safe and active choices.

The Health and Physical Education department is looking forward to a fun and exciting year.

King regards,

Ms Carly May & Ms Fatima Harba

Health and PE Teachers